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FXOption is a FX options broker, providing quality service to traders. Combing technological innovation with unique features and extreme security measures.



Born before and developed strongly since 2008.

Chicago Board Of Exchange (BOE) And 2008
FX Options trading have been existing since years, but remained unnoticed until 2008. It gained popularity during that year where the Chicago Board of Exchange (BOE) publicly introduced it as the first tradable asset besides the mainstream foreign exchange and the stock exchange.

Fast And Convenient
In a world of rapidly changing trends, this type of trade instantly gained popularity due to the accessiability and the innovative features that it previewed. Binary Options can be traded anywhere, traders only need access to the internet and a device to connect to it.

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Why Choose Us?

Simplicity, Functionality on the Blockchain, Unique features, Safe and Transparent, Unlimited wining, Instant payout, Vast ecosystem, Fair.. and a lot of other reasons when you experience it.

High return on investment

The rapidity with which traders can make money with binary options is not available with any other trading compass. Moreover, FX options trading requires no astronomical amounts for trading.

Most FX options broker platform does not require any downloads or third-party involvement and require only access to the Internet with a device. In addition, the smart interface on mobile devices is a strong point of the FX Option.

Fast and Easy Approach

Experience Requirement

Traders do not require any trading experience or background to trade with binary options. Binary options is not as complex as trading with foreign or stock exchange can be.


With Binary options, traders do not physically purchase the assets; they only have to determine whether the value of the asset will rise or fall.



Currency Pairs


You can play with 4 TYPES of properties

An index has been described as securities that represent a market or it can be a portion of it and each index has its own calculation value.


Commodities, as you will see on Binary options trading platforms, are inclusive of items such as Gold, Silver, Rice, Sugar, among others.

Currency Pair

Currency pairs on any platform will be available in these patterns: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY etc..


In Binary options, you will be acquainted with a variety of international stocks. You only have to predict whether the stock of a company will rise or fall.

How to Trade?

Trading with Binary options is of course easy, yet you need to understand how the platform works in order to better grasp the techniques.


Call gives an indication that an asset’s price will rise above the set price. When you are placing a call action on the EUR/USD for example, you are actually assuming the value of the currency pair will move higher than the current price.


The Put function works the other way round; you place a put action when you think the value of the asset will go below the strike price. With Binary options, you can win the trade even when the value of the asset is moving down, provided that you hit the put option.

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